Easy DIY flower letters

Some weeks ago while surfing Pinterest I saw and fell head over heels with flowered letters. So I decided to make one for baby K’s nursery. For today, i will be making a 24-inch letter K and it cost little to nothing compared to if you plan on buying on Etsy.

You can use it to decorate your baby’s nursery, your space or even as a gift to a friend.


1. Cardboard letter ( I used a 24”)

2. 4 Faux flowers (5-6 bloom per flower)

3. Hot gun glue and glue sticks

4. Wire cutter


Use the wire cutters to cut your faux flowers with enough stem to poke through the cardboard letter. (I didn’t have a wire cutter so I carefully pulled out the bloom from the flowers)


Carefully Poke small holes in the cardboard letter where you want your bloom to go


Using your Hot glue place a small amount of glue on the stem of your faux flowers and/or the hole you made


Push the stem into the hole you created


Repeat this steps until your entire letter is covered in flowers

If you intend to hang up the flower letter like I did


Carefully poke small holes on both sides of the top of the letter


Use wire cutter cut 2 stems from the left overs


Twist them togetherSTEP 9

Using your hot glue again add a reasonable amount of glue to the ends


Push them into the holes created add more hot glues on them

Voila, here you have it is as simple as that.

keep a bowl of water next to you, for hot glue burns just stick the affected area in water.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Let me know if you try it

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