There’s something about MARIE

It’s been 3 months since I started blogging and since then I haven’t properly taken time to introduce myself. I wasn’t entirely sure on how to go about this because there’s always a part of me that feels like why would anyone in their right mind care to know random stuff about me. I for one like to know the lives of those I read about because it helps me feel connected with them so I figured if nothing else it will help you get to know me a little more than the little I put out there. After reading other bloggers post on relatively similar topics here goes 50 random stuff about me.

1. My name is Ifeoma Mary Lorraine Onuorah. Ifeoma is my first name and is mostly called by family. So when someone calls me Ifeoma I just assume they know me from childhood. I changed my middle name from Mary given to me by my grandma ‘bless her soul’ to Marie back in High school because people pronounced it funny like Nmari.

2. I’m from Anambra state in Nigeria. I spent a few years there but can’t speak my native language to save my life. Generally, I’m terrible with languages, the only language I speak is English.

3. I’m a believer, my life is a true testimony of his promises, where I came from and where I am is only by his grace upon my life.

4. I had a brief modeling career between 2008-2011 but had to stop to focus on my college education.

5. My favorite movie in the world is “Coming to America”. I’ve seen the movie 32 times, scratch that, i am about to make it 33.

6. I’m a planner, I plan every detail of my life and that of my family because of the fear of getting caught unaware.

7. I’m also a list maker, I make list of everything everywhere, every time.

8. I hate to do dishes, ask me to do anything even wash a car but don’t ask me to do dishes.

9. I love to cook. I lived in harmony with my roommate back in college because she hated to cook while I loved doing dishes. She was the yin to my yang.

10. I cook everyday because I hate stale food.

11. My favorite food is rice. I have eaten rice every single day since for as long as I can remember.

12. When I go to bed It takes me at least 2 hours to fall asleep.

13. I can’t sleep if someone in the house is still awake I’m always the last to go to bed in absolute quiet and darkness

14. I hardly slept in my 3 weeks of NYSC camp because of the noise. Immediately I got home I left my luggage at the door fell on my bed and never got up until after a week, I slept throughout the week only waking up for showers and toilet breaks.

15. No matter the temperature I have to sleep with a comforter or blanket.

16. I have a sweet tooth. Biscuits, puff puff, cakes, meat pie, the list goes on. I love dessert and it can pass as my main dish.

17. I’m a coke addict. I start and end my day with a can of coke.

18. I love non-identical twins even though Kenneth will frown at this idea I hope I have one someday.

19. I can’t drive, both bicycle and car ever since I was involved in a car accident since I was 16 I’ve always been scared of driving.

20. I don’t swim the only relationship I have with water is in my shower

21. I hate online shopping as I have to wait for my things to be delivered. I prefer going to the store and slowly surfing for pretty things.

22. I’m very athletic. I was involved in a lot of sports as a child. My favorite was running, football and long jumps.

23. I am most comfortable in my pajamas and spend my whole day in them.

24. I have a terrible routine I go to bed at 2am get up at 9am and take my bath at 7pm.

25. I’m absolutely crap at giving directions, hell I don’t even understand directions

26. I love to count, I always count the items in any room I find myself. I even count my steps.

27. I am 5:10 inches tall. I was bullied in grade school for being too tall.

28. I have more shoes than clothes. If you want to buy me a gift get me shoes, a girl never have too many shoes

29. I always see the positive in every situation.

30. Like my name I am a rebel, I  hate being told what to do.

31. I’m a fast talker

32. I drink with my lips fully in a mug

33. I don’t wear perfumes, they make me nauseous

34. I’m most productive at night usually when everyone’s asleep

35. My birthday is October 12th

36. My favorite color is blue but I never wear it so everyone assumes it’s red.

37. I have 3 sisters and a brother.

38. Public speaking is my idea of hell.

39. I hate to wear pieces of jewelry, wedding rings inclusive.

40. I sucked both my middle and index finger until I was 10.

41. I love to teach, I always wanted to be a teacher

42. I totally believe in karma. I believe everything happens for a reason

43. I love to watch movies. 4 years ago I’ve seen every movie ever made but since I lost my mojo.

44. Ever since I was 13 a day hasn’t passed without me cleaning my ears with cotton swabs.

45. I google almost everything.

46. I can’t get past the second page of a book, I get easily distracted.

47. I’m clumsy. I have a lot of burns and scars. In certain cases, I never know how I got them.

48. I hate anything that’s tasteless, sour or bitter.

49. Growing up I only wore flats because of my height. Now, the only flat footwear I own are my flip-flops and a sneaker.

50. My daughter was born on the same date as my wedding anniversary

Writing this was harder than I thought, I hope this gives you an insight about me and my life. Now it’s your turn tell me something about you

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