Date night with baby

March 27th, 2018 marked my 2nd year traditional wedding anniversary. For my non-Nigerian readers, a traditional wedding is a Nigerian wedding where the bride’s Dowry is paid. To celebrate, we decided to go out and do what regular folks do on anniversaries. But wait, there is a baby in the picture. How do we factor that and still have an unforgettable evening?

When I was expecting, everyone kept on going about the importance of going out on date nights after the baby arrives. But no one mentioned how hard it would be to pull it off. First off babies and all that goes towards prepping them are exhausting, secondly, finding a trustworthy babysitter is difficult and I wasn’t mentally prepared to leave my baby with some stranger so I had no other choice than to take her along.

We’ve previously done movie night in, cooking together and every other date night at home ideas so this time we wanted an outdoor date. Our initial itinerary was a dinner followed by a movie but we worried that she’ll wake up during the movie, start to cry and end up ruining the entire experience, so we settled for dinner which will give us enough time to reconnect over a good meal before baby K starts to get cranky.

Before we left home I gave her a warm bath, fed her and she slept through the drive to the restaurant and halfway through dinner. We were almost done by the time she woke up and just in time for an evening walk. What we feared was gonna be a ruined night turned out to be a great family bonding moment.

We are looking forward to the next date night. New parents and friends of new parents what family bonding event would you recommend? Your suggestions will very much be appreciated.

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Thanks for stopping bye, Until next time

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