Fringe skirt DIY

Crop top FOREVER 21 |mules H&M | choker ROMWE | bag old

I love DIYs. It gives me the ability to recreate something special with my stamp on it. Sometime last year I got a fringe and it’s just been lying around then I decided to utilize it by adding it to my Ankara skirt. I’m loving this fringe vibe and how it sways when I move my hips? Wanna learn how to make yours, here’s what you’ll be needing

  • Skirt
  • Fringe
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

Step 1

Starting from one end of the waist of the skirt, pin your fringe or tassel round till the other end where they’ll meet.

Step 2

Repeat the same for the hem of the skirt. I wasn’t really satisfied with the outcome so I doubled mine to make it fuller.

Step 3

When you’re satisfied with the position and volume of the tassel/fringe, take your needle and thread and stitch it up. If you are skilled with a sewing machine sew it into place carefully be extra careful not to sew in the fringe.

Finally, trim off any fringe longer than the rest and voila your skirt is ready.

*How much fringe you’ll need depends on the size of the skirt and your intended fullness of the fringe/tassel.  if you’re doubling, times that by 2

This was an easy DIY activity. Its materials were inexpensive and the tools needed could be easily sourced. The most expensive item on the list was the fringe which cost me $10 for 10 yards on AliExpress.

This skirt is so flattering and I choose an African printed skirt previously styled here because it is so vibrant and colorful. I kept it simple by styling it with my off shoulder crop-top, mules footwear and mixed Ankara printed purse previously styled here.

There are other fun ways to style this skirt, you can turn it up a notch by wearing it with a graphic printed T-shirt and leather jacket for warmth. Whatever way you decide to style it I suggest you keep it simple and let the skirt do the talking.

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