On becoming a mum

Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed about growing up, getting married and having babies. Well, my dream has turned into reality but I never envisioned the way it was gonna go down even with the experience I had helping raise my nephews and nieces. One thing I want to point out is nothing – absolutely nothing in life can adequately prepare you for motherhood.

Kendall turned 6 months yesterday and I felt the need to share 6 things I’ve learned in my journey so far

  1. I’ve always been anxious and since I became a mom the world just seemed to become a scarier place. I constantly worry with this overwhelming need to protect this tiny baby from every potential evil and threat of the world.
  2. I have been asked a couple of times how I have managed to cope with being a mom, wife, blogger and fashion designer. When I became a mom I think I grew 6 extra pairs of hands and I find myself doing 5 things at the same time – which made me conclude that motherhood unlocks hidden super powers or something like that.
  3. Last Christmas I made a quick stop to a friends house and I was forced to stay for a party I didn’t plan for. After a couple of hours when I tried to change my baby’s diaper, I realized I had previously exhausted all her diapers with no spare clothes! How could this happen? the bag looked so full. I was ashamed and felt the judgemental looks coming from other moms, though I was told it happens. I got home immediately packed an emergency diaper bag and left it permanently in the trunk of the car.
  4. If you love to watch movies or read a book I’ve got news for you once you become a mum watching your baby learn to hold, coo and giggle, reach, roll over, crawl and do basically anything will be every form of entertainment you’ll enjoy.
  5. I’ve never really had the greatest relationship with my mom until I delivered my baby. After which, I began appreciating my mom. I have never stopped apologizing and appreciating her for being the best she could possibly be. Being a mom has not only made me see what makes her special but also made me appreciate the general essence of life.
  6. It’s okay to make mistakes. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad mom. Let’s face it babies don’t come with a manual and there is no award in parenting. You usually learn on the job and as long as you’re extra careful you will end up doing a great job.

Thanks for stopping by. I am still new at this and will really appreciate tips in the comment section on how to be a better mom and don’t forget to wish my baby a happy 1/2 birthday.

What I wore

Skirt E4maKenObi by @e4ma | crop top FOREVER21 | choker ROMWE | bag old

Kendall’s outfit

Dress Gymboree |shoes RALPH LAUREN

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