Print mixologist

Hello, beautiful people! Thank you for taking out time to view my blog, I hope your week has been productive so far. Remember the saying ‘less is more well sometimes mores more! I previously talked about mixing 2 prints here, and today we’ll be continuing with the print mixing theme but this time it gets better and bolder.

We’ve already established that print mixing isn’t for everyone unless you follow the basic steps laid out here. That being said, while mixing prints and patterns it’s best to go with whatever makes you comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily have to match it just has to make sense to you

A couple of Sundays ago I wore this outfit and I lost count of how many times I was told how great it looked. I’m a big fan of Ankara (African fabric) and fortunately for me, I make my own clothes. Growing up in Nigeria has given me the opportunity to appreciate African women’s fashion. Nigerians are basically one of the most stylish people in the world.

This red and blue printed floral wrap-top really compliments this wide-leg E4maKenobi blue and yellow ankara pants. I used Ankara headwrap for my hair and honestly, I think it was a beautiful way to finish this look.

For accessories, I threw in my red sunglasses and this Ankara purse I napped from my sister last year when she came visiting from Nigeria. I made sure it never went back home with her and I bet you I’ll be getting a phone call from her when she sees this post. Good thing I am 12,480km away…I mean, what are big sisters for? If not to take their stuffs

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Wrap top ROMWE |shoes similar here and here| sunglasses BOOHOO

thanks again for stopping bye, Until next time, remain blessed.

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