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Welcome back fellow fashion lovers! Today’s post is about mixing multiple prints in an outfit, did someone say daring? Print mixing isn’t a learners game and should never be done hastily but the good news is it can almost be as easy as mixing plain colors when you master the art form.

Starter print.

The easiest way to achieve a great look without risking a faux pas is to start bold by finding that key piece that will build your ensemble. Polka dots are great starter prints,  the larger the dots the more vintage the vibes

Colors of the same family.

Always match the colors and never the prints, similar colors help blend your look. Chances are as long as the colors look good together the prints will also look good together. Take black and white as an example, they go so well with everything, they are simple and some might argue they are the neutral of prints. If your prints don’t share the same color they should at least share the same background.

The right scale.

Keep in mind scale is key. Pairing prints of equal proximity can make you come out looking like a clown. Larger and bold prints should be paired with smaller predominant ones. Polka dots are pretty much simple small prints but paired together with classy bold leopard prints, they make mix and match magic.

When accessorizing, go BOLD

Never underestimate the power of a great accessory. The right accessory can make or break a look. While mixing prints I’d suggest you keep it down to the barest minimum. A third print might be going overboard, instead of a print-on-print-on-print pattern, break up the look with a solid/bold color accessory. Red is my go-to color for accessories as you can tell my red glasses puts the entire ensemble together

leopard blouse similar here and here | polka dot skirt similar here and here | purse similar LORD&TAYLOR | red sunglasses BOOHOO | socks FOREVER21|belt DOROTHYPERKINS

Thanks for stopping by, until next time remain stylish. Follow my blog on Bloglovin

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