Hi guys! welcome back. I’d like to apologize for not been as steady as I was with my posts. It’s been crazy on my end, it just seems like I have too much going on right now and the thought of holding off writing was briefly considered. But blogging is far too important to be put off, it’s my happy place it soothes me and makes me forget all my problems for a moment which is very much needed.

The other day I wore this striped pant suit. Well if you look closely you’ll notice they aren’t really a set but who’s looking. I got the jacket on sale from forever 21 and the pants on sale for $5 from a store that recently closed its business. When I got them I never knew they would match so perfectly.

The pantsuit is 2018’s biggest style star, and if my 2010 self was told that 8 years later I’d be wearing a suit I’ll never have believed me. My mum tried so hard to get me to wear one but I saw it as not stylish and I’m pretty sure you all felt the same back then. I’m glad that it’s back and this time it’s bolder sexier and powerful.

I embraced my tomboyish side by rocking them with sneakers. When recreating this look You can pop yours with some color like a cute purple or burgundy heels.

Some of you already know I’m a coke addict there’s no way I can go through a day without a can of coke say a prayer for me.

FYI who’s loving my fro? Tell me what you think about the pantsuit trend

Pinstriped double breasted blazer FOREVER 21 |pinstriped crop pants similar |converse old similar here | sunglasses ROMWE

Thanks for stopping bye Until next time have a lovely week

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