Spring has sprung

Hi, my fellow fashion lovers! The season we’ve all been waiting for is here. Spring has finally sprung and there are flowers blooming everywhere. The day seems to be longer, it is getting warmer, it doesn’t get so dark early in the day and finally, an opportunity to pull out our lighter and brighter clothing.

I’ve had this very thin chiffon shirt for a while now in my closet and I felt it was finally safe to wear it without freezing to death. I paired it with this cute floral skirt I found in the store. Floral and yellow are on trend this spring with both seen clouding the runway this year. Before now Yellow has been a color I’ve been scared to wear, I’m usually someone who loves to wear white or black so wearing this was a bit adventurous for me. When wearing yellow one has to be very careful not to end up looking like Bumblebee. It’s loud, bold and bright and it screams hey I’m here, which means Not everyone can pull it off and if not worn appropriately you will find yourself trying to hide behind the crowd in a feeble attempt to not be noticed.

chiffon shirt old similar IULY| floral skirt ASOS | heels GOJANE

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