Ok, bye

Hi, guys, it feels like forever since I’ve been here I apologize if you feel the same way. Weekends usually are the times I get some relaxation and a time for rejuvenation in order to take on a new week but lately, it feels like Saturdays and Sundays are missing from my calendar.

The kitchen sink is filled with unwashed dishes laundry room filled with clothes waiting to be ironed folded and put away my clients bombing my phone with text messages I feel overwhelmed.

For the past 3 weekends, Kenneth (DH) has been away on business trips leaving the sole responsibility of taking care of Kendall alone to me. She’s always fussy, always wants to be carried and wouldn’t stay put. When I do, she wants to grab everything that I am holding, the ones on the table and on the ground.

IMG_8171 copy

My pantry has run out of coke and the coffee maker is feeling jaded. Which reminds me I have to go grocery shopping tonight, oh boy!

God will bless the soul that would drop bye with a liter of coke on one hand and a venti-sized frappacinno on the other. I need a ton of caffeine in me to get me off this bed and atleast get some food to eat.

IMG_8186 copy

Boy, will I give anything for a glass of wine. Wonder what it tastes like? I miss my life before Kendall I can’t even remember what it feels like to be without a baby, or the last article I read; books are a luxury I won’t even go there but looking at that pretty face as I type this makes it all worthwhile – would be nice if I could get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep though.

I’m blessed she came into my life even though I’m worn out 90% of the time it’s a good problem to have and I’ll choose this life all over again.

Graphic tee similar FOREVER21 and ROMWE | mum jeans ROMWE | mesh sock ASOS

Thanks for stopping bye, until next time. Ok, bye.

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