Budget baby

The moment you find out you are pregnant a lot of things begin to run through your mind. One of which is the inevitable overplanning; needless to say, one has to be careful when shopping for their unborn child because you may end up spending a lot of money on stuff they would not use.


Picture was gotten from baby center

We all feel this need to provide for our babies the things our parents weren’t able to provide for us and with advances in technology and lifestyle, we as parents will always look for ways to make out parenting job easier.

When shopping for your baby, always ensure that you buy items that are multi-functional. This should ensure that you get full value for your money and it does not quickly fall out of favor. Below are a couple of useful multifunctional items that came in handy for Kendall.

Baby clothes

Photo was taken from target.com

New flash! Babies grow fast, and it is unwise to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes they might end up wearing once or never even get to wear. When shopping for baby clothes buy only a few at a time. Avoid buying clothes far in advance, You don’t know the pace at which your baby will grow and also you’ll get a lot of clothes as gifts from family and friends. I personally never bought any newborn clothes except those as gifts, which she ended up outgrowing before she got to wear them.

Baby Swing

My Graco Simple Sway swing was a lifesaver for the first 3 months. This item is ideal because it has a ton of features that helps to soothe and comfort baby, it was basically the only way I could put her to sleep. The 3 handing toys kept her engaged while I got some work around the house done.

Cribs vs bassinet

I personally didn’t see the purpose of a bassinet when they only spend a few months in it and then move into a crib why not buy a crib that would take baby about 4 years and if you don’t like the idea of your toddler sleeping in a crib because of its confinement there are cribs that are convertible like the Graco Remi 4 in 1 convertible crib.

As the name suggests, it has 4 modes which can be used to suit your baby’s milestone – crib, toddler bed, daybed and full-sized bed. It also comes with a large drawer underneath for storage and an attached changing table with drawers and shelves. This can be useful for 4 years. If this is not a game-changer, I do not know what else is.

Boppy nursing pillows

This is a very important must-have item for you and your growing baby. Its usefulness lasts from first awkward days to exciting and days. Basically the whole first year.

It helps you position your baby ergonomically for feeding (breast and bottle), it then transitions to the perfect propping position for baby, tummy time and learning to sit, great Here’s the one Kendall used.

High chair

I got gifted the Evenflo convertible High chair for my baby shower and even though I haven’t started using it yet (Kendall’s still on breastmilk) I already love it. It’s a high chair that converts to a low chair with a feeding tray or separate low chair with feeding table. It is great at helping a baby transition to independent feeding and play. I anticipate this being in use for 2 years.

Car seat/Stroller

I’ll only say this once, car seat and strollers aren’t cheap but essential, they are necessary for safety and easy movement. Finding a car seat/stroller that meets your needs (solid and multifunctional) and doesn’t blow a hole in your life-savings is a tad bit difficult. It took me a while before I stumbled upon the Urbini 3 in 1 travel system. It’s an all in one Travel system featuring 4 modes of traveling in one stylish package. The stroller can be converted into a carriage/ bassinet, and also used rear-facing or forward facing.

We really did enjoy using it but our joy was cut short when Kendall outgrew the car seat, so we found the Chico fit2 car seat and caddy. It’s a little pricey but lucky for us we got it 20% off on Black Friday and an additional 20% for our Amazon Prime membership.

The  Keyfit was designed with 2 unique positions for infants and toddlers to make it easy to stay rear facing for the first 2 years

One last thing, you could also consider using a totes bag or a backpack in place of a diaper bag.

I hope you found this helpful until next time remain blessed

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