Floral transition

The Californian weather has been particularly tricky these days. One day it’s hot the next it’s cold some days it feels cold while it’s sunny. At this unpredictable time of the year, it’s important to stay fashionably tepid, although jumping right into spring colors is a bit unnecessary seeing that it’s still just the end of February

You can start by slowly incorporating bright bottoms to your outfit. If you’re a lover of black like myself, this floral pencil skirt can be a great accessory for black or any color whatsoever. There’s no better time for floral than spring or summer and it’s a great way to remain girlie. While the lower part of your body is in spring the other parts can remain in winter with this white and black light textured pearl top. This blouse is one of Shein’s work of art. I added a detachable collar to it which gave this look more elegance.

Pantyhose can never go out of style and I’m certain I’m not the only one who likes to accessorize with them anytime I’m wearing a pencil skirt or dress. Aside from the fact that it gives you control of the amount of skin you wish to reveal its also a great way of putting your look together.

Pearl top SHEIN| floral pencil skirt CHARLOTTE RUSSE | heels Asos| bag NEWYORK&co | detachable collar aliexpress similar EBAY|

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