Tweed jacket 2:0

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Where did time go? Just the other day I snagged this tweed jacket from Ross and I’ve been looking for different ways to style it. If you’ve not been keeping up, my last post was about a very different tweed jacket and I styled it casually here.

Today I’ve decided to go the other way with a formal look. Tweed jackets like we all know are versatile stylish clothing which can be worn casually or formally. I must confess I really loved pairing it with a Jean but if you’ve noticed my style is a bit unpredictable which is why I’ve decided to give this a trial.

Even though tweed jacket looks like it belongs to my granny’s closet (bless her soul), today I’ve styled it with this brocade wide leg pants I found on H&M. These pants give me so much chill. As a vintage lover, I have a weakness for wide leg pants especially the high-waisted ones they remind me of Katherine Hepburn (of blessed memory). How else can I finish this look if not to Pair with this comfortable vintage looking block shoes from ZARA. These shoes are so gorgeous, pictures don’t do justice to it. If you’re a vintage lover I bet you’d want one in every color

Tweed jacket similar SHEIN | pants H&M shoes ZARA |

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