Who’s ready for spring? I know I am!. I’ve been watching the weather lately and it seems to be getting warmer. It’s like even spring can’t wait to make its big debut.

Needless to say, winter has been lovely but it’s time for it to give way to new beginnings. The season when fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth comes to life again. The flowers are growing afresh, the trees and bushes that lost their leaves in winter have slowly begun sprouting new ones.

The science behind the 4 seasons still amazes me how it goes from hot to cold and hot again and how they all vary significantly in characteristics and can prompt changes in the world.

Even though spring is a month away here’s a little style inspiration to warm your way into spring

H&M Cable-knit Sweater • H&M • $19.99

H&M Wrapover Skirt • H&M • $7.99–14.99

ALDO Zusien • Aldo • $29.98–30

ALDO Yovia • Aldo • $25–50

ALDO Naranjilla • Aldo • $27.50

Sky blue is definitely my favorite spring color and one can’t help but notice it crowding the runway lately. This H&M sweater and wrap over skirt is refreshingly satisfying, it screams better weather longer hours and the hair band which is actually an 8″ binding bias from Joann added some flavor to the outfit making it all come alive.

6 thoughts on “The SKY is BLUE

  1. I wonder how you only just started blogging… wow!!! On a side note, please come and arrange my wardrobe for me… let’s consult 😍😍😍 I’m in love


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