Black panther

Now that I have your attention, what will you be wearing to go see the black panther movie?

It’s February the month we’ve all been waiting for and the movie Black Panther will be hitting the movie theaters in 15 days, finally.

A couple of months ago when the preview aired a lot of people were tweeting about how they will be all decked out in their finest threads as they hit the theatre once the movie is released.

The premiere of the movie was a couple of days ago and one can’t help but notice that the stars didn’t disappoint, they all slayed the purple carpet and with Beyoncé Grammy’s wardrobe choice, one has to be fully prepared. The black panther theater is going to be lit come February 16th. If you can’t figure out what to wear to go see the most anticipated, most hyped and star-studded marvel movie of all times, look no further because I’ve got Mum jeans, biker jacket, leopard print, beret, booties you name it.

This look indicates a fierce and aggressive personality which is why it’s a perfect option.

Have fun watching it and let me know how It went because I’ll be home playing peekaboo with my little one.


boohoo Robyn High Rise Straight Leg Jeans • boohoo • $29

H&M Narrow Belt • H&M • $5.99

H&M Short Jersey Top • H&M • $5.99–14.99

boohoo Yasmin Felt Beret • boohoo • $9

Bamboo Faux Leather Ankle Booties • Charlotte Russe • $31.19

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