Clueless (things I wish I was told before becoming a mum)

Becoming a parent is full of surprises. You get the opportunity to feel real and unconditional love, it’s unexplainable, real, and exhausting. Literally exhausting. Babies are cute, cuddly, and so precious but having one is hard, scary and overwhelming.

The arrival of baby Kendall brought a rush of emotions. She was so perfect in every little way from her hair down to her smell – she smelled so good. The moment I held her I was assured I had everything under control because I’ve read a lot of articles on parenting. But no matter how many books, parenting forums, and articles you read, nothing can completely prepare you for becoming a parent.

Being a mother is the greatest feeling there is but there are things I wish I’d known before I had my baby some of the many things are:


Everyone kept talking about the importance of breastfeeding but no one told me how hard it was gonna be. Omg!! breastfeeding is almost the most difficult and painful thing to happen to any woman. When you hear breastfeeding all that comes to mind is putting that boobs in baby’s mouth and that’s it. I was in for a rude awakening. I was able to get through the first days breastfeeding, teaching baby how to latch and all but by day 3, I had huge blisters on both my nipples. They burned like hell, I cried whenever she fed which was like every hour. A couple of friends recommended nipple creams which I tried but did little to alleviate the pains. I was still in excruciating pains like I could see blood from my nipples. By week 2 I gave up, I couldn’t do It anymore. Thankfully a more experienced friend came visiting then she encouraged me to just keep trying with time it would get better. I’m glad I listened. 4 months and we are still going strong

Bye bye sleep

Before having a baby I could sleep through anything even a tornado. I knew with the birth of a child I would lose some sleep but didn’t know I would never sleep again. How could you? Even though your baby is a sleeper you’d still have a very little amount of sleep. They said sleep whenever the baby is sleeping but how can I? Imagine feeding a baby every 1-2 hours where’s the time for sleep honestly even at 4 months can’t remember when last I had 4 straight hours of sleep. Night sleep is a privilege

Mummy brains

They said having a baby slowly deteriorates a woman. I used to be the girl everyone told to remind them of something. During Kendall’s pregnancy truth be told I wasn’t as sharp as before, but little did I know that I would lose my entire memory. Now I walk to the kitchen ,hungry and forget what I went there to do leave there only to remember an hour later, oh yeah that’s true I was hungry

Baby blues

Depression was something I was quite aware of. So whenever I feel off or down I went online to take the post partum depression test because I needed to be in the best state of mind to be able to care for my baby. I was lucky up until the middle of the 3rd month when I began having mood swings, crying for absolutely no reason seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. For a moment I thought I was losing it, common she’s almost 4 months I can’t be depressed but I didn’t know what was going on, thankfully I opened up to a friend who told me what was going on with me and gave me some words of encouragement. I literally had to go online to read sad stories to remind myself how good I had it

The return of the flow

Every woman experiences postpartum bleeding irrespective of delivery method, there’s no escaping this one. All women lose some blood during and after delivery. The first week of birth you’ll have a very heavy bright red flow of blood During this time, you may also pass several small to medium-sized blood clots. As time goes on the discharge moves from Red, pink, brown and finally yellowish white all in the space of 2-6 weeks luckily I was done by 2 weeks. By 6 weeks postpartum my regular period returned wait a minute didn’t they say as long as you’re breastfeeding you don’t see your period where did mine come from.

Going out will never be the same

Once you become a parent, time shifts. What usually takes five minutes will take an hour. Going out becomes a chore. From fixing the car seats, bringing out the stroller, giving up a good restaurant because they have no provision for babies, having to leave earlier than planned because there’s no place to feed your baby to a random diaper change in a public toilet. The entire experience is just so tiring and frustrating but I don’t regret any moment of it.

If there’s one thing I’m proud of it’s been a mom and I appreciate every moment of it

8 thoughts on “Clueless (things I wish I was told before becoming a mum)

    1. Lovely write-up!! I can soooo relate with you on everything you wrote😂. Concerning pregnancy, delivery and motherhood, nobody will tell you what really happens… You get to experience them yourself. Which is something to look forward to. write soo well..i enjoyed reading everybit of this!!

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