Sweater weather, better weather

Hey, guys as we all know sweater season is in full effect and I’m certain you have a couple of sweaters already, but if you are looking at getting more inexpensive sweaters, I suggest you check out ROMWE they’ve got really great looking sweaters at affordable prices. Look at the sweater I got for just $12, cool right? It has a really cute ribbon on the sleeves.

Today I’ve decided to pair the sweater with this dungaree, which I’ve had for quite some time now, to give it a more boyish look. Dungarees have been around for a while now and are still going strong, it is definitely a closet must have. Although some might argue that it’s not really a flattering look for the female physique but I beg to differ, yes it might remind you of Super Mario but it doesn’t mean it should be totally deserted. With the right combination, it can be anyone can pull it off. The fact that it can be worn all year round from summer to winter should be a selling point.

What footwear can match this casual look if not a combat boot, combat boots are more versatile than you think they also look great on skirts dresses, leggings etc. it adds this to my closet if I don’t already own one.

A good outfit is never great without a bright, bold and unapologetic pop of color. The red sunglasses, bandana, and sassy lippy just added life to this look.

Eyelet Tie Sleeve Sweatshirt • Romwe • $9.99

e.l.f. professional Matte Lip Color Rich Red • $2.99

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick – Flame Of The Game • Wet n Wild • $4.99

Contrast Frame Flat Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses • Shein • $6–8

Paisley Print Bandana • Romwe • $0.99

Ripped Denim Dungarees With Pocket • Romwe • $17.99

Lace Up Combat Boots • $19.99

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