The road less travelled

Hi guys. Today’s post is about my pregnancy. I had quite an interesting pregnancy that I thought the need to share. Pregnancy can never be overemphasized. It’s a topic I think we all as moms and moms-to-be should learn to be more honest and open about so as to help out other moms in need. Even though it’s best experienced, a little information can go a long way, Google is never enough. I wish there was more light to the turns of events my life took.

Pregnancy period

This time last year I just found out I was pregnant. A lot was happening to my body that I couldn’t understand and it was too early to talk to anyone about it as my go-to guide @babycenter advised to wait until 3 months before letting family members and close friends know about the good news. Did my pregnancy let me shine? hell no, except for my pregnancy glow. I literally got stopped every-time to hear how gorgeous I looked. Till date when I look at my pregnancy pictures, I never looked any better. Asides that, my few weeks old pregnancy came with a bang. It started with a bitter taste in my mouth which had no permanent solution to it and just when I thought that was the end of it, I got my period around 4 weeks of pregnancy.😲😲 Even though the home test was telling me that I was pregnant I couldn’t believe it, because I was still having regular periods but unfortunately you can’t get an appointment until after 8 weeks of pregnancy.

At 8 weeks I still got my regular period same for 12 weeks but the interesting thing about the 12th week period was that I bled from 12 weeks until 16 weeks. Imagine wearing a sanitary pad for a whole month and the sad part is there were no explanations as to why all I kept hearing was hormones.

The occasional blackout

For someone who is losing a lot of blood, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve always had issues with low blood pressure so whenever I start to feel dizzy, I immediately sit down and ask for a coke. I would say experience helped me most times, but there were times when I wasn’t so lucky and ended up blacking-out usually whenever I’m home alone. One time I passed out during an ultrasound then the doctor had to increase my iron prescription and placed me on a meat-eating diet. As a meat lover, this felt like a bonus.

Excessive salivation

Ptyalism or sialorrhea is a common symptom of pregnancy. For someone who had extreme morning sickness and nausea, this just made the whole experience more unpleasant. I was told it usually happens during the first trimester and would go away by the second trimester, boy was they wrong, your girl was spitting till delivery day even till the 6 weeks postpartum period. This was the symptom that gave me away barely 6 weeks into my pregnancy though Saltine crackers was a temporal solution. I was gifted a box of Ziplock and a pack of Kleenex tissue to use. It got so bad I stopped picking people’s call because I couldn’t talk for a minute without emptying my mouth which seemed like a lot of work, face-time was not even an option, all I did was crack a smile and giggle. For someone who talks a lot, it was so hard not to talk.

The second trimester

This was the honeymoon stage they said, and I found myself asking when does the honeymoon begin, if by 20 weeks I was still feeling nauseated and having morning sickness every other day. By 18 weeks I got bad acne. This was also the same time when my sight was slowly deteriorating. I could only read through the help of prescription glasses and my gums got so inflamed there was fear of a tooth infection which might affect the baby. The doctor advised I took out my wisdom tooth in order to avoid a tooth infection As if I wasn’t in enough pain.

Gender prediction

I wanted the sex of my little one to be a surprise but trust family and friends, everyone wanted to guess the sex, even strangers offered their own opinions as to the sex of the baby. Every one of them guessed a boy, a bet was even placed during her shower and believe it or not there were so many losers because everyone thought it was gonna be a boy, why? The way I was carrying, the way I looked, what I liked to eat etc.

They said labor feels like strong menstrual cramps, I don’t know who started this, but honestly, labor and menstrual cramps shouldn’t be put side by side. The only situation that should come close to labor is when someone uses a sledgehammer to break your bones one at a time (if only I know how it feels).

Huge shout out to every mother out there, you guys are the real MVP, and to mums to be I don’t want to scare you all, you’ve been doing a great job hanging in there. This journey isn’t an easy one. Ask for help when you need it, in the end, it is not a competition neither is there an award.

Safe delivery to every expectant mom!

Thanks to my family, friends and my entire support system

We will always be grateful for our little ray of sunshine. Hope you enjoyed reading!! until next time.

12 thoughts on “The road less travelled

    1. Thank you for the feedback dear, I’m glad it’s one of your favorite piece and don’t be scared the beauty of motherhood is, that you forget all your pains when you finally hold your precious little one. God bless you too


  1. Mothers are the real MVP. It is an amazing journey every woman should experience. Regardless of the inconveniences, once your baby is in your hands, the pain, sleepless nights and everything becomes inconsequential

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  2. Thank you for being so honest, I don’t know why it took me long to click the link in your bio but just know you have a dedicated follower from now on.

    I am not married and so I have no plans for a baby right away, (except the boo proposes then the story will change lol), but I have been watching YouTube videos on child birth because it just fascinated me. I was curious about what to expect when the time comes. It truly isn’t easy. But with God’s help and information everything turns out fine.

    Thank you for sharing your story. ♥

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  3. Nice piece @thebudgetbae. The thought of pregnancy lane has always been a scary one, but with God one can pull through. I can see that you were so strong to handle it. Keep up the good work.


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