Revamp my style

Hi lovelies, Ever had a bag you think is too old? or you are walking down the street and it feels like everyone owns the same bag you own? Well that’s the way I felt with my velvet shoulder purse.

This purse has managed to find it’s way into every ladies closet including mine. I hated the fact that it’s everywhere but I absolutely love the bag and couldn’t seem to let it go which is why I decided to revamp it. Here is what I did to make it look different from every other

I got an appliqué from AliExpress, took a needle and a thread and stitched the appliqué to the purse

I decided to use needle and thread and not glue because, I get bored easily and might decide to one day change it into something else that way I needed something that’s not permanent. Well, just look at that, beautifully different don’t you think? I get quite a lot of compliments for it. Would you try it? Let me know when you do.

See how I styled it here

Velvet shoulder purse $20 AliExpress

Appliqué 2 for $8 AliExpress

Needle and thread JoAnn

Denim $20 American Eagle

Leather jacket $40 tjmaxx

Shoes $18 gojane

Glasses $2 AliExpress

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