The Burgundian playside

Good morning from the cold corners of the Bay Area. It is indeed one cold Sunday morning and has been getting colder lately. I am still surprised how early it gets dark.

It might be cold and grey but I must confess there’s an upside to winter which is by far my favorite season. Fall/winter has the best fashion prospects of the year.  It is when we get the best colors, the best types of clothes, and the best fashion.

Today’s post is about the color Burgundy. Burgundy is such is versatile color for fall and plays an important role in my fashion style which is a bit unpredictable. I like to mix and match and this beautiful Ankara (African fabric) skirt from E4ma kenobi gives me the opportunity to do just that. I decided to pair it with this bomber jacket from Ross dress for less and cute boots from Charlotte Russe which is still on sale by the way.

I hope you like this as much as I did.

Bomber jacket Ross Dress for Less $12

Ankara skirt E4ma kenobi $50

Boots Charlotte Russe $20

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