The journey of a thousand miles …….

First things first, it’s 2018 happy new year I know the New Years resolution are in place well for me the first thing on my list for the new year is to start blogging and voila here I am and it’s only the second day of the year. I’m happy I have decided to stop procrastinating and take this huge step into the blogging community. A little information about myself to get us acquainted, my name is Marie Obikwelu. A California based designer and personal shopper, wife, and mom


I’m Nigerian born and raised but migrated to the United States Bay Area to be precise. After marriage my life has taken a whole new turn been a wife and new mum (it all seems to be happening so fast) well, I am one good adjuster


Growing up with the bare necessities if there’s one thing I’ve learnt is how to look fab with the little owned, not all that glitters is gold but might be made in China (who’s asking) mix and match (not all stylish people live in the city). I just want to express my style so I’ve decided to use my spare time to start blogging about style, makeup, being a new mum, DIY, home decor, travels etc definitely on a budget


I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing and taking pictures

coat whowhatwear $90

White dress Calvin Klein $10

Shoes Steve Madden $20

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